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Covid-19 Information & Educational Clinics

We as the NYBPA are not facing this with a blind eye. Many Farm related Industry’s are posting Covid-19 information.

One thing to think about is... Not one of us have ever lived or experienced this pandemic before so none of us know really what to expect. We all will know when it is all over, but for now, Be Safe, Stay Healthy and keep marching forward as best you can. Life on the farm is a daily routine not altered in any way. Support your local Beef Producers. You can find them in our NYBPA Directory by county for Fresh right from the Farm Beef products.

There are educational webinars listed on the calendar.

Cattlemen's College Educational Series is freeNCBA knows it’s important for you to get your industry education to help make your operation more profitable and sustainable. With meetings canceled across the country where many producers attain that education, NCBA is proud to announce starting today until May 31, FREE access to ALL Cattlemen’s College content from 2014 - 2020!

To receive your free content, visit the Cattlemen's College Online Campus site and follow these simple steps listed below:

- Click on the FREE CONTENT tab and login using your Cattlemen's College username and password
- Check off the grey box beside the words "2014 - 2020 Free Access to Content"
- Click on the "SUBMIT" button, which will appear on the bottom right corner of the page
- Lastly, click on the "ACCESS" button to be re-directed to all 2014 - 2020 session recordings

** New users MUST create an account on the Cattlemen's College Online Campus site, in order to access the free content. If you are a new member, please click here to create your account today!

NCBA continues to offer learning opportunities during these uncertain times. Take advantage of extended time at home and don’t miss your chance to enjoy these valuable resources!

NCBA COVID-19/Coronavirus Response Updates All of our response materials can be found at:

Here are some additional resources:

Get tested (PDF)