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The NYBPA is a group of beef producers dedicated to working together for the improvement of the beef industry. Never before in the history of the cattle industry has it been more important for you to stand up and be counted as a member of the New York Beef Producers' Association.

The pressures and influences from outside our industry are so varied and dangerous that no individual cattle producer - large or small - can possibly handle them alone. But working together, we can make a difference!

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It’s a directory year! Now is a great time to join the NY Beef Producers’ Association. Membership dues are $50 for the year. All paid members (paid before Jan 31st, 2023) will be listed in the NYBPA 2023-2024 directory. All members are listed by county in the directory with farm, business, or staff/industry descriptions. All members are also listed alphabetically in the back of the directory.

The directory is not only handed out to every member of the association, but made available at events such as NY Farm Show, Empire Farm Days, county fairs, CCE events, and NYS Fair. The directory is also available on our website at all times.

Also, new this year, we are offering industry memberships. For $100/membership businesses in the ag industry will be listed TWO TIMES in directory - under the county location AND in the special ag industry section. Join NYBPA TODAY! ---> 2023 Membership Application Form