New York Beef Producer's Association

A Message from the President

John Kriese, President NYBPA

Are You Slipping The Clutch?

President’s Message by John Kriese
March/April 2018

Stop and think how many times you have engaged the gear-shift on a pick-up truck or on a tractor! Each of us can now do this with very little thought, and I am confident that each of us has gotten pretty good at shifting gears, engaging a clutch, and with making smooth transitions.

As a young tractor or standard transmission operator, someone in your life a spent a lot of time teaching you how to engage the clutch in order to make the vehicle move in a smooth and controlled manner. Growing up, I received my fair share of warnings about slipping the clutch on the Farmall “H”, and really got scolded if I “popped” the clutch while towing a load of square bales which had been carefully stacked in a flatbed wagon. My dad never hesitated to take the opportunity to hone my skills, and to teach me how to engage the various machines on the farmstead so that every transition was smooth and efficient.

Dad taught me that if engaged the clutch too slowly, the clutch disks create a lot of heat and the clutch will burn out quickly, This is commonly referred to as slipping the clutch. He also taught me that engaging a clutch too quickly really caused a lot of wear and tear on all of the parts on the machine, and chances for failure would increase. Now let’s apply Dad’s teachings to our lives as New York Beef Producer’s Association

Each and every one of us has our foot on the clutch pedal of the NYBPA. You chose to put your foot on the pedal when you paid your membership dues. The clutch you are holding down is joined to over 600 high horsepower members. Our high horsepower membership engine is turbocharged, and her name is Brenda. Brenda churns at over 10,000 rpm’s and has the ability to push an incredible amount of air into our cylinders, which enable even more horsepower to be produced. It’s time to turn the ignition, and let this powerplant come to life.

With the engine running, now it is time to select your gear. Your regional directors, fellow members, and executive council can help you if you need help. The gears on the NYBPA Machine do not have numbers, they have names. The different speeds you can choose include regional meetings, Empire Farm Days, Master’s of Beef Advocacy, Farms Shows, Open houses, beef advocacy, finance committee, supreme show, educational committee, spring sale, feeder calf sale, youth development, and leadership development. There are unlimited gears available. Our transmission is like no other.

Your engine is now warmed up, and the gears are aligned Would you please help to make the New York Beef Producers and Beef Industry wheels turn by releasing the pressure on your personal clutch and applying some fuel?

Let’s all pull together an engage our talents and skills to keep this machine moving forward. We need fresh operators, and we need people who are willing to push the pedal and get the needed fuel mixing with the air from our turbo. As the boys from Penn Yan Ag Department say…”Let’s role some coal and get this job done”.

Thanks for taking some time to think about becoming an engaged member.


John Kriese
NYBPA President