New York Beef Producer's Association

A Message from the President

John Kriese, President NYBPA

The WOW! Factor

Hundreds of NY Beef Producers attend 2017 Regional Meetings

The NYBPA Council really had no idea if the idea would work. We have struggled through transitions and have experimented with drawing new lines in the sand. We experimented with a vision for the need to empower membership and the need to develop grass roots, localized leadership which could improve beef production in New York State.

The idea is working, and is working very well. The results are black and white.

During the 60 days, hundreds of beef producers have turned out for the enhanced regional meetings across the State. Every engaged region is reporting increased attendance by existing members, and more importantly, by individuals wanting to be members. Let’s refer to this as the WOW! Factor.

As President, I had the opportunity to attend three regional meetings. I witnessed powerful round-table discussions with members sharing exciting and worthwhile ideas for moving the New York beef industry forward. As president, I assure you that your ideas are now on the NYBPA Council table, and your ideas will be transformed into the short-term and long-term goals of our Organization. As members, you are speaking. As Chairman of the Council, I assure you that we are listening.

As President, I witnessed passionate Regional Directors who organized awesome meals, and who created informative and engaging programs. I witnessed a multitude of people stepping out and rising to new leadership positions as well as volunteering for committee assignments. The dream for empowered members volunteering to be part of the solution for our challenges is now happening in all across New York State. This is NOT happening because of me….it is happening because of the Regional Directors who have stepped up to the plate, and who are willing to swing at any good pitch coming their way! Each and every one of you are now part of the WOW! Factor this dynamic organization we know as the NYBPA.

Our sails are now full with fresh air, and the momentum of our ship is allowing us to travel to unchartered waters. Our ship leaves the docks daily, and is guaranteed to take you places you will love! Your annual dues allow you to get on board any time you want, and we have recently purchased over 625 brand new life vests – which is one for each member. You are safe with us, and you can always pick the seat you want.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

John Kriese