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President's Message

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If you are anything like my area of New York, you have enjoyed a great Early Spring. Hopefully the bed packs are spread for the hope of greener pastures ahead of us. As the spring calving season begins to wrap up and breading season begins, I encourage you to use your NYBPA Directory to find some of the best seed stock producers in the nation within our membership for your next bull purchase.

With new staff and leadership representing both NYBPA and NY Beef Council, we recently had NCBA present the very first Beef Leadership Summit. This was open to all NY Beef Leadership positions. It was a great two evening presentation by NCBA, explaining both the policy side and the check-off side of NCBA which was highlighted with an awesome 30 minute presentation from Colin Woodall CEO of NCBA.

In this newsletter and future publications, there will be articles to help our members understand the policies, procedures, and priorities of NCBA as they work for us as an affiliate.I encourage you to consider membership to NCBA and to get out of the stands and into the arena and volunteer to an affiliate committee.While we all long to return to normal events, lets remember COVID safety precautions at up-coming events and hope for a great growing season and fair season.