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President's Message

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Hi Folks,

This summer has been challenging from a weather stand point, tough for crops, from too wet to to dry, cold to hot just one thing after another. Something that was not a challenge was the beef tent at the Empire Farm Days. The membership support was unbelievable from JR members to some of us SR members everyone leaned in and made a big job light work. There are many folks that spent early morning and late evenings helping every day and we can’t thank them enough. I want to personally thank John Kriese he carried a big load making sure things went well, he some times got a pat on the back and other times not so much.

Brenda Bippert and Kathi Wagner also need your thanks as they make it look easy thank you ladies.As we move towards fall, we prep to sell feeder calves and breeding stock one of the most challenging times of year for us, making sure everything is done properly to our cattle so our customers don’t have a challenge.

Communicate with resources to help eliminate problems and ask questions be sure to do the best we can to not have problems. My Challenge to you is for everyone of us to enroll 1 new member into the NY Beef Producers. We have a great organization that has great resources - please use us. NYBPA is helping organize educational functions so let us know if you have any certain topics that you think might be helpful.

Our market place is a bit challenging right now, but let's look it as an opportunity. This is the time to buy cattle, be it feeders, stockers or mother cows. I am optimistic we are heading for a stronger market. We hope you have a good Fall and please don’t hesitate to call on us if you need help.

PS: Look at the Calendar Of Events to see what’s going on.


Phil Trowbridge