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President's Message

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Spring is awesome it reminds me how everything comes to life. The calves are coming fresh grass turning green and our youth start showing cattle again. I am just back from the Empire Classic what a great show we’ll run great fun what an awesome weekend for all.

What really struck me was how serious these youngsters take showing, in a good way, they don’t get mad but they do get upset and that showed me how serious their mission is to them. As I listen to some of my generation kind of grumble about today’s kids it hit me that they obviously are not hanging around the same kind of kids I am.

This past weekend rekindled my confidence in the future, the youth at the show were some of the nicest and smartest around, I do believe we are in good hands. I wish there were more kids in agriculture. What a great asset for our youth to learn how to work with people and animals and to mold the future.

Take the time to listen to the next generation, also talk to them most love to hearwhat others have to say.


Phil Trowbridge